Episode 43

Pinball Happy Hour - Boston Belles & Chimes


April 6th, 2020

1 hr 10 mins 58 secs

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About this Episode

It is Pinball Happy Hour Boston Style! I had a great time with the local Belles; Erin Siden, Sharon Hebenstreit and Allison Flintoff. We chat about life, Tron, formats, art and a whole lot more. :)

I love that dirty water, Oh, Boston, you're my home (oh, yeah)!!!

Swag Site: https://teespring.com/stores/boston-belles-chimes

Logo by Stephanie Vecellio
https://www.stephanievecellio.com/ #stepinhoney

The Arrrrrcade {Erin & Mark Seiden}

Insta: Boston Belles & Chimes Pinball #bostonbellespinball
FB: Boston Belles & Chimes {public group}

Tron https://www.ipdb.org/machine.cgi?id=5682
Abra ca dabra https://www.ipdb.org/machine.cgi?id=2
Yukon (Special) https://www.ipdb.org/machine.cgi?id=3533
W.I.P.T. https://replayfx.org/competitions/womens-international-pinball-tournament/
If y'all come and visit we will do Texas Wine Country: https://texaswinetrail.com/

Photos by Sharon H., Mark Seiden and Anthony Radzicki

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