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Alyson Rae

August 24th, 2020

Come join us with our guest Alyson Rae as we sing songs around the virtual campfire! Alyson was the founder and director for the 2020 Northwest Pinball Summer Camp. We get to hear about how this great idea came together. We also chat, Centaur, podcasts, and leggings! Smores for everybody!

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[Soft Plunge + Double Danger Basement (Leggings)](!)

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Kayla Greet and Graham Klym:
Jessica Kent:
Jon Shaiman (Campfire Chat host)
Jon Shaiman (Campfire Chat host)
Babes in Pinland

Twitch gaming counselors Alyson didn't have a chance to mention. Michael Adcock ( ran the virtual tournament with support from Zen Studios, and Bre Lloyd) ( and Clinton Peterson ( both ran Jackbox games and helped raise over $500 for our local BLM chapter.

"Shoot...for the CAMERA' photography gallery, curated by Alyson and [Gene.]( Special thanks to Dan Halligan, Shawn McManus, Candace Fields, Keith Elwin, Joe Ciarvino, Skill Shot Zine, Gina Collechia, Daryl Johnson, Bill Lascher, Cryss Stephens, Charles Acosta, and Christian Larsen.

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